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Case Study 'ISP & Telecom'
The international backbone line for ISPs are very expensive. Increase in capacity brings huge bandwidth costs. A major ISP concluded most of their traffic was being taken up by P2P download clients from users overseas. They needed a way to reduce bandwidth and cut costs.
After testing products for several months they selected the ARA P2P Traffic Monitor (PPTM). Due to its performance in real network test results. By using PPTM they were able to save more than 2G bandwidth, have high cost savings and didn't have the need to upgrade their backbone line.
An ISP expanded their bandwidth capacity to deal with the growing amount of traffic. However as bandwidth increased so did traffic. In a short amount of time bandwidth reached full capacity. They needed to know what was going on.
They deployed ARA PPTM into their network and they were able to analyze that P2P client traffic was taking up a huge portion. The network manager saw that peak web browsing traffic was from 6pm ~ 2am. But due to P2P client traffic taking high priority within all web traffic, end users were experiencing slow internet web surfing. Therefore the network manager limited P2P traffic during peak hours and allowed full access after 2am. They were able to save 50 ~ 100M of bandwidth.
An ISP needed a solution to monitor and manage their traffic. Products they tested used an inline method. They wanted to avoid this method since if equipment failure occurred the entire network could be shut down. Placing 2 devices for fail over required double the cost. As well inline deployment brought packet delay and packet loss in monitoring.
They selected and deployed ARA PPTM. PPTM uses a tap device, packet mirroring method, opposed to an inline method. The tap device can be applied between routers or switches, there is no risk of network failure in this deployment. The tap device can be installed in the network in less than 5 minutes.
Fail Over
As well in an asymmetric network PPTM is an efficient solution. In case of inline equipment 2 devices should be installed. PPTM can manage 2 lines at the same time.
Asymmetric Network
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