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Case Study 'Enterprise'
Samsung Electronics

Samsung was dealing with the issue of internal network security. They tried blocking ports to restrict unnecessary employee web use. But web access is essential in today's business therefore the network manager couldn't block port 80, which controls all web traffic. As well Samsung needed a way to restrict employee instant messenger (MSN, skype, etc.) & P2P download clients.

Port blocking was an ineffective solution in limiting employee web use. Employees using proxy detours can still access blocked web sites and utilize instant messenger. As well P2P clients ran using random ports. The network manager realized that huge amounts of unidentified web traffic passed through port 80. He needed to know exactly what that traffic was in order to control it.

The ARA Networks TS product was deployed and it quickly decoded and identified the various web traffic passing through port 80. To avoid detection some web applications were using proxy detours and tunneling programs. ARA TS was able to identify and block everything. ARA TS provides security management for the enterprise network manager. He can quickly, easily and efficiently monitor and control all web access within a company.
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